African Union Commission and Global Fund commit to strengthened collaboration in implementing Africa’s health policies

Explore mechanisms to leverage private sector to mobilise African resources for health

Addis Ababa, 4 July 2017- The African Union Commission and the Global Fund met Tuesday to further strengthen collaboration between the two institutions in implementing a raft of AU policy frameworks on health. The two institutions work together to advocate for increased investments in health on the continent and globally as well as promoting increased accountability. The African Union Commission and Global Fund in collaboration with the World Health Organisation are working to support countries to improve national health financing data and provide evidence for tracking progress toward universal health coverage and ensure financing of regular, systematic and routine annual implementation of National Health Accounts.


“The African Union has adopted well developed policies that will guide the broader health and development agenda until 2030. We need to work together with our partners to push for implementation of these frameworks by Member States. To ensure the health of African citizens is addressed sustainably we need to accelerate efforts in mobilising domestic resources including leveraging on our private sector capabilities” said Her Excellency Amira El Fadil, the Commissioner for Social Affairs at the African Union Commission.


Partnerships with the private sector a catalyst for sustainable social change

The private sector can play a key enabling role to end the three diseases for good. An increased role for the private sector will contribute to ensuring that health is funded adequately, diseases are prevented where possible and treated as needed. Moreover the private sector has key competencies in transforming the minds of leaders and communities to invest in health to transform lives.

“We share the vision of accelerating Africa’s transformation through addressing AIDS, TB and Malaria and strengthened health systems. Mobilising domestic resources will be the engine that will accelerate our collective efforts to end the three diseases. This is the time to leverage the private sector to mobilise African resources for health to complement the public sector's efforts in providing healthcare across Africa and let us explore ways to work with the Africans4Africa initiative” said Marijke Wijnroks the interim Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.


During its board meeting in Kigali in May 2017 the Global Fund and the Africans4Africa initiative formalised their intention to collaborate towards the accelerated and sustainable transformation of the African continent through impactful social investments. Africans for Africa is an all-African driven social impact investment fund to generate investments that will accelerate the pace of sustainable development with a specific focus on health, education and economic inclusion to address community challenges. The initiative mobilised resources from the African private sector, African high net worth Individuals and development organisations.