Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Today, 01 December 2017, the African Union joins the international community to commemorate the World AIDS Day. This Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the progress, challenges and opportunities in our fight against this terrible pandemic.

 This year’s Theme “My Health, My Right” reminds us that access to quality universal health care is not a luxury but a fundamental human right. And it is our collective duty to ensure that all citizens on the Continent lead healthy and fulfilling lives as enshrined…

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African Union and partners call for accelerated efforts to close the tap on new HIV infections to end AIDS as a public health threat


Call for evidence-informed, community-owned and rights based combination prevention


Abidjan, 08 December 2017- The African Union on Wednesday told participants at the ongoing International AIDS Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa that closing the tap of new HIV infections is the way to achieve the bold and ambitious targets set at the continental level. Africa led the HIV treatment access movement…

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African Ambassadors in Japan commit to increased role in advancing Africa’s health agenda

By Tawanda Chisango1

Ahead of the Universal Health Coverage conference mid-December in Tokyo the African Union, the Global Fund and Friends Japan along with the African diplomatic corps organised a meeting to discuss key priorities for Africa’s health agenda and fostering partnerships with the Government of Japan. During the meeting African Ambassadors and the Government of Japan committed to continue to be advocates for mobilising resources and exp…

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Moscow, 20 November 2017- African Union ministers of health and parliamentarians meeting on the sidelines of the First WHO Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB reviewed the Draft Common Africa Position on TB. The draft advances Africa’s position and builds consensus while amplifying the African voice on key TB policy issues, ahead of the 2018 United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on TB.

‘To end the TB epidemic we must ensure universal access to high quality TB services including diagnostics, drugs, digital technologies and s…

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African Union and partners call for continued shared responsibility and global solidarity to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030


Abidjan, 08 December 2017- The African Union and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria on Wednesday jointly organised a satellite symposium on domestic health financing. Despite significant progress in responding to the AIDS epidemic Africa confronts the world’s most acute public health threats that remain largely underfunded. After decades of underinvestment the continent need sustained i…

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