What: Virtual Launch of the African Union Malaria Conversation Guide For Youth In ‎Africa

When:  Friday, 12 August 2022 (International Youth Day)‎ ‎from 11:00 am to 1.00 pm (GMT+3)‎

Where: Zoom (Register now: www.aidswatchafrica.net/our-events to receive the link to join the event)

Who: The African Union Commission – Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development (via AIDS Watch Africa Secretariat)

Theme: “Strengthening Youth Leadership and Engagement in Policy Dialogue for Malaria Elimination in Africa

Slogan:  #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe #MalariaConversationGuide


The event’s objective is to launch the African Union Malaria Conversation Guide For Youth In ‎Africa, designed to strengthen youth leadership and ‎engagement and engagement in policy dialogue for malaria elimination in Africa.

Expected Outputs

  1. Complete AU Malaria Conversation Guide For Youth In Africa in English and French.
  2. Presentation of opportunities available for youth in the AU Member States to utilise the Conversation Guide.

Participation at the launch event

Participants will include health officials from Ministries of Health of the AU Member States, national malaria youth armies‎ and relevant youth groups established in the AU Member States to advance malaria response in Africa. Partners of the AU Commission, AU Organs, Specialised Institutions and Agencies and press members are also invited.

Simultaneous English-French interpretation will be provided.

About the African Union Malaria Conversation Guide For Youth In Africa

Young people between ‎‎15 and 24‎ comprise 75% of Africa’s population. Their participation in policymaking processes ensures that they are involved in formulating initiatives and decisions that affect their lives. Investing in empowering the youth to lead the malaria response is therefore critical.

A study led by the RBM Partnership shows that 9 in 10 African youths want to take personal action to fight against malaria, with almost two-thirds believing the disease can be eliminated in their lifetimes. This interest should be leveraged and strengthened. A crucial entry point of action is to equip them to have constructive, productive, and transformative dialogues to strengthen malaria response and influence policy formulation and implementation.

In this context, the AU Commission, in ‎collaboration with the African Leaders Malaria ‎Alliance ‎‎(ALMA), RBM Partnership to ‎End Malaria, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, ‎Tuberculosis and ‎Malaria No More, led the development of a malaria conversation guide for youth in Africa to empower ‎the young generation for meaningful inclusion in malaria policy dialogue and advocacy. ‎Under the leadership of the AIDS Watch Africa (AWA) Secretariat of the AU Commission, the ‎guide will be availed in various visual ‎‎‎forms to fit the diversity of media consumption by ‎youth in Africa and ensure that no ‎‎malaria ‎youth champion is left behind.

Facilitating dialogue around challenges of malaria response in Africa can be complex – but it does not have to be! Youth in Africa can use this conversation guide to design fruitful policy dialogues on malaria elimination in ‎Africa. It is designed to strengthen youth-centred leadership and engagement in policy dialogues. It can be adapted to fit different contexts and utilised throughout the policy ‎dialogue process, from planning to implementation to evaluation.

For more information, please contact:   

Mrs Cisse Mariama Mohamed, Ag. Director of Health and Humanitarian Affairs, African Union Commission | E-mail:  CISSEM@africa-union.org;

For further media inquiries, please contact:

  1. Ms. Whitney Mwangi | Health Advocacy, Communications and Partnerships Officer | AIDS Watch Africa Secretariat, Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, African Union Commission | E-mail: WhitneyM@africa-union.org
  2. Mr. Gamal Eldin Ahmed A. Karrar | Senior Communication Officer | Information and Communications Directorate | E-mail: GamalK@africa-union.org