Theme: “Strengthening Youth Leadership and Engagement in Policy Dialogue for Malaria Elimination in ‎Africa.”


The African Union Commission, Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and ‎Social Development launched the first continental conversation guide on malaria for youth in Africa at a virtual event hosted by the AIDS Watch Africa Secretariat ( on Friday, 12 August 2022 (International Youth Day)‎‎. The launch was held under the theme: ‎“Strengthening Youth Leadership and Engagement in Policy Dialogue for Malaria ‎‎Elimination in Africa‎.”‎

The recording can be replayed here:

A study led by the RBM Partnership to End Malaria ‎highlighted that  9 in 10 African youths want to take personal action to fight against malaria, with ‎almost two-thirds believing the disease can be eliminated in their lifetimes. The African Union (AU) Malaria Conversation Guide for Youth in Africa has been developed in direct response to the youth’s ‎expression of interest in participating in the decision-making process regarding malaria response in ‎Africa.‎ In addition, investing in empowering the youth to participate in the malaria response is critical in Africa. Seventy-five per cent of the continent’s population is made up of young people between 15 and 24. Additionally, the Africa Health Strategy and the Catalytic Framework to End AIDS, TB and Eliminate Malaria in Africa by 2030 call for investment in youth and adolescents as a smart, pragmatic economic intervention with a high return on investment. Specifically, they identify the need to empower youth with skills and knowledge to attain good health and prosperity in the context of the AU Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030.

View the English and French versions of the Malaria Conversation Guide For Youth In Africa below:

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